Sports, Track-out Camp & School Physicals

At Generations Family Practice, we take a preventive, patient-centered approach to healthcare -- and our pediatric services are no exception. Our Cary, NC family doctors and pediatric physicians are proud to provide a full range of well-child services, including children’s medical exams, back-to-school physicals, track-out camp pysicals and sports physicals.

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Children’s Physical Exams: What to Expect

Our Cary, NC pediatricians focus on empowering kids to make smart, healthy lifestyle choices. We encourage each of our patients be active participants in their healthcare! At Generations Family Practice, we believe this caring, patient-centered and preventive approach to pediatrics better equips kids to to lead long, happy lives.

We recommend that our toddler, child and teen patients receive annual medical exams. Many parents choose to combine this appointment with a back-to-school, track-out camp or sports physical. Insurance may not cover this service if performed separate from the annual Well Child / Physical Exam. The patient will be responsible for the cost of the appointment ($65), which is due at the time of service. There are no additional charges if this service is performed at the same time as the annual Well Child / Physical Exam. Whatever your child’s medical needs, you can be sure the experienced doctors at Generations Family Practice will address each one with care and attention.

Our Cary, back-to-school, track-out camp or sports physicals generally include:

  • A review of the patient’s medical history
  • A review of vaccines & immunizations to ensure the patient is up-to-date
  • Screening of vital signs, including blood pressure & temperature
  • Reflex tests
  • Heart exam
  • Lung exam, as well as respiration rate
  • Head exam, including sinuses, ears, nose & eyes
  • Neck exam, including lymph nodes & thyroids
  • Abdominal exam
  • Approval of any necessary forms

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When it comes to childrens medical exams, back-to-school check-ups, track-out camp or sports physicals, no one matches the level of care and attention provided by the experienced doctors at Generations Family Practice. We're proud to provide comprehensive primary care services for Cary, NC kids and patients of all ages. Schedule an appointment for your child today!