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Avoid the Flu - Get Vaccinated!


Do you have time for hacking cough, high fever and body aches? Of course not…avoid the flu and get vaccinated today!

Influenza season is in full swing and with recent holiday travel and the kids getitng back in school, chances of catching the flu bug are high. During the winter months, get togethers with family and friends are popular, so you get a big mixing of germs that are spread by the high travel rate throughout the country.

Here are the most common spots to catch the flu:

  1. School: This germ hot spot houses lots a of kids. And kids are known to touch surfaces, and each other, constantly without hand washing.
  2. Grocery stores, malls and gas stations: Shopping carts are re-used often and rarely cleaned. The biggest culprit is the child seats in carts, where children cough, touch things and put things in their mouths.
  3. The office: Believe it or not, keyboards often have more bacteria than toilets. Telephones and office kitchen mugs and utensils are also a hot zone for viruses.
  4. The home: Surprisingly, the kitchen usually has the most bacteria, even more than bathrooms. Another germ culprit is the TV remote.
  5. Elevators and escalators: Everyone presses the buttons, but rarely does anyone clean them. Also be aware of handles and seats in taxis, buses and trains.

But there is good news – There is a simple, preventative measure that you can take to avoid the flu. Get your vaccine today – there is still time!

Generations Family Practice is offering Flu Vaccines at our Cary office! Call today (919)852-3444.

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