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Wellness & Preventive Care


Wellness & Preventive Care

Preventive care is a critical part of maintaining a healthy and active life. Is it time for your regular physical? Maybe you need a check-up for sports. Perhaps you’re ready for your seasonal allergy or flu shot. Your provider at Generations Family Practice in Cary will take the time to make sure you get the right wellness, preventive care, and screenings to make sure your health is on track.

Annual Physicals and Check-Ups

Preventive care starts with physicals, during which we can check for any early warning signs of disease or health conditions. Each year, we’ll examine your vital signs, vital organs, and check your blood. This visit is a good time for you to bring up concerns or questions about both your physical and mental health.

Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare

Our team of female doctors and medical professionals offers annual breast and pelvic exams, full GYN services, menopause therapy, and more to help you treat and prevent the diseases and health conditions unique to women.

Well-Child Check-Ups

A sick child is a good reason to visit the pediatrician, but it’s essential to see us each year for a Well-child checkup too. During this appointment, our physician specializing in pediatric care will keep your child’s vaccines up to date and confirm his or her development is on schedule. Plus, we can complete paperwork for schools, sports, and other activities without an appointment if your child is up to date on their annual physical. Parents are invited to bring their questions or concerns as well.

Sports Physicals

Not just for students! If you’re about to undertake a new sport or activity, stop in for a physical and ask us about any problem areas or concerns. This physical exam and check of your medical history will help us confirm you’re fit to participate. We can help you prevent injury by recommending specific stretches based on past injuries and adjust medication (such as inhalers, for example) if needed so you can stay active. For students, we can complete the necessary pre-participation physical examination required by many teams and schools.

Care for Older Adults

Aging is not an easy process. Our team strives to make it as dignified as possible and inform you about what to expect and watch for as you age. Preventative care keeps chronic conditions in check, making it easier to remain active as long as you wish.

Weight Loss Consultation

Weight loss is not easy, especially with the latest fad, diet, or exercise routine all over the Internet promising fast results. Every person is different, which is why we want to talk to you about your weight loss goals and challenges and then design a program specifically for you. As your primary care provider, we know your history, which can make a difference in what foods and activities you rely on to lose and then maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. We even have a board-certified obesity medicine specialist on-site who can help you achieve your goals! (Link to Dr. Tse profile)

Immunizations and Vaccines for adults and children

If you have children, you’re familiar with the vaccine schedule, but this prevention doesn’t stop after age 18. Adults and children both need to visit our office regularly to stay up to date on immunizations. This might be your annual flu shot,T-dap booster, or a newer vaccine that can prevent the pain and suffering of Shingles. Ask us about needed vaccines for you and your child.

Please remember to check with your insurance company regarding your preventive care services benefit coverage.


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