Once upon a time your biggest health concern was acne. But as women age, our health needs change. You probably know that of the most important checkups you get is your annual pap smear, starting as a late teen for most of your adult life.

As you reach your 40s, you hit another milestone: the start of mammograms every two years. According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer deaths have decreased 34% since 1991, thanks in large part to regular mammogram screenings.

Here is a Quick List of health musts for women of each age group:

  • 20s  – Annual physicals, annual pap smears. Get an HPV vaccine
  • 30s – Check your blood pressure. Hypertension often develops starting in your 30s.
  • 40s – Schedule your first mammogram. Get a Type 2 diabetes screening.
  • 50s – Get screened for colon cancer.
  • 60s – Schedule a bone density test and begin taking calcium. 

See the full list below. Click on the image for larger view.

No matter your age, regular exercise, good nutrition, and plenty of sleep are a large part of staying healthy. Your health routine should include regular dental cleanings, a yearly flu shot, eye exams, and a skin check with a dermatologist. Schedule regular physicals with your Generations Family Practice Doctor so we can help you stay on track for a long, healthy life.