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The June 2018 issue of Wellness for Generations newsletter brings…beach safety tips, good food, local activities and other important health information! The second article, in its entirety below, celebrates Men’s Health Month and discusses the important reasons why men SHOULD visit their doctor every year. Or read the entire issue here.

Real Men DO Visit the Doctor

While it’s not really true, there’s a perception that macho men don’t go to the doctor. However, what is accurate is men do visit their doctors less often. According to a 2014 survey by the CDC, men are half as likely as women to go to the doctor for a health exam over a two-year period.

Some of that can be attributed to women visiting an OB/GYN, but in general, men report more often that they are too busy or are uncomfortable with the process, the questions, or being naked under a gown. But men need to visit the doctor: out of the 15 leading causes of death, men lead women in all of them except Alzheimer’s disease, which many men don’t live long enough to develop, according to WebMD.

Men’s Health Month is here, so make an appointment to visit your doctor, for a checkup or for some of the most common men’s health issues:

  • Cardiovascular problems – Heart disease or the hardening of the arteries is one of the top killers for both men and women, but men tend to develop the problems sooner and die before age 65 from these problems. Men over age 35 should be screened for high cholesterol and heart disease every five years.
  • Blood pressure – Strokes are another killer. Men should have their blood pressure checked every two years at a minimum, though your general physician will likely check each year during your physical.
  • Lung Cancer – If you’re still smoking, stop. Lung cancer spreads quickly, but takes a long time to cause symptoms. By then, it’s often too late.
  • Prostate Cancer – No one likes to be naked in front of others. It’s awkward. And prostate exams aren’t fun. But doctors realize this; male docs have to get their prostate checked, too!
  • Colorectal Cancer – Rates for this cancer are increasing and starting at younger ages. Those with no family history should be screened regularly starting at age 50. If you have a family history, start getting colonoscopies earlier.
  • Diabetes – Boys born in 2000 have a one-in-three chance of developing diabetes in their lifetimes. Blood sugar buildup poisons the body; men often visit the doctor complaining of frequent urination and strong thirst long after noticing fatigue, blurred vision, itchy skin, pain or numbness in feet or legs, or extra yeast infections in the moist folds of skin.
  • Depression – Our society still puts emphasis on men not showing feelings. Suicide is the eighth leading cause of death among all men; for young men it’s higher. Men tend to bottle up their emotions or turn to drugs and alcohol. Sometimes, they get angry or aggressive, causing problems in relationships and at work.

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