At reGenerations Medical Spa we are proud to work hand-in-hand with Generations Family Practice in Cary, North Carolina. Our values, mission, and medical staff are one in the same.

reGenerations Medical SpaAt Generations and reGenerations Medical Spa, our approach to patient care centers around the belief that the doctor patient relationship is sacred, and is the keystone of quality care. Research has demonstrated that patients who actively participate in their care (e.g. ask questions, work on healthier lifestyle choices), do better biologically and have a higher quality of life. These same principles apply to our Medical Spa treatment options. The more that our team can help you to make smart and informed lifestyle choices, the better your results will be when it comes to skin treatments, hormone therapies, and more.

We focus on continuity and building trust in our relationships with individual patients, between patients and families and their other clinicians. By making it our goal to provide a compassionate care infrastructure, we hope to protect and empower our patients, as well as to support them in creating healthier lifestyles that allow their truest beauty to shine through.

Our services include:

Coming Soon:

  • Cryopen for skintags, scars and sunspots
  • PRP (Platlet Rich Plasmotherapy)​

This addition of the ReGenerations Medical Spa is just another step in our goal of providing the best comprehensive primary medical care available — all under one roof! Learn more and schedule your appointment today!