At Generations Family Practice, we take a preventive, patient-centered approach to healthcare — and our pediatric services are no exception. Our Cary, NC family doctors and pediatric physicians are proud to provide a full range of well-child services, including children’s medical exams, back-to-school physicals, track-out camp physicals and sports physicals.

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Children’s Physical Exams: What to Expect

We recommend that our toddler, child, and teen patients receive annual medical exams. Many parents choose to combine this appointment with a back-to-school, track-out camp or sports physical. Insurance may not cover this service if performed separately from the annual Well Child / Physical Exam.

The patient will be responsible for the cost of the appointment ($65), which is due at the time of service. There are no additional charges if this service is performed at the same time as the annual Well Child / Physical Exam. Whatever your child’s medical needs, you can be sure the experienced doctors at Generations Family Practice will address each one with care and attention.

Our Cary, back-to-school, track-out camp or sports physicals include:

  • A review of the patient’s medical history
  • A review of vaccines & immunizations to ensure the patient is up-to-date
  • Screening of vital signs, including blood pressure & temperature
  • Reflex tests
  • Heart exam
  • Lung exam, as well as respiration rate
  • Head exam, including sinuses, ears, nose & eyes
  • Neck exam, including lymph nodes & thyroid
  • Abdominal exam
  • Approval of any necessary forms

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