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Infographic: Signs of a Heart Attack in Men & Women

Infographic: Signs of a Heart Attack in Men & Women

If you were having a heart attack, you’d know it right away. Right? You’ve seen the movies…the ‘victim’ clutches their chest and staggers to the floor. Medical personal come swarming in and perform miracle maneuvers to save the person suffering. It is abrupt and horrifying. That is how it works in the movies….but not often in real life.
The signs of a heart attack are many and can vary greatly between men and women. So much so that they can be mistaken for less serious health issues – like a tummy ache. We put together easy to view lists and created this infographic below to help you know what to look for.

Signs of a Heart Attack in Men May Include:

Signs of a Heart Attack in Women May Include:

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Infographic: Signs of a Heart Attack in Men & Women

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