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Annual Physical Exam Specialist

Generations Family Practice

Family Medicine & Primary Care Practice located in Cary, NC

If you want to reduce the risk of acute and chronic illnesses, it’s important to schedule a physical exam once a year. At Generations Family Practice, the team of family medicine providers offers annual physical exams to people of all ages. Following a comprehensive physical, they can diagnose potentially serious issues and prevent them from getting worse. To make an appointment, call the practice in Cary, North Carolina, or click the online booking feature today.

Annual Physical Exam Q&A

What is an annual physical exam?

An annual physical exam assesses your physical and neurological health. It’s a quick procedure that typically takes less than 45 minutes. During an annual physical, you can ask your doctor questions, discuss unusual symptoms, and update your immunizations as necessary. The checkup also presents an opportunity to get laboratory work and preventive screenings.

How can I prepare for my annual physical exam in advance?

To get the most from your annual physical exam, it’s important to prepare in advance. The team at Generations Family Practice recommends gathering the following items:

  • Results from any recent medical tests
  • The names and contact info for any specialists you’ve seen recently
  • Health insurance card
  • Any questions you have about your health
  • Names of the medicines you take

If you have an implantable device, like a pacemaker or a defibrillator, make sure to share that information with your provider as well.

What happens during an annual physical exam?

At Generations Family Practice, the team tailors annual physical exams to each individual’s needs. Even so, most physicals follow the same basic structure:

Step one - Checking your vital signs

At the beginning of your annual physical, your provider measures and weighs you and takes your temperature. They also measure your blood pressure and listen to your heart and lungs. 

Step two - Lifestyle questionnaire

Next, your Generations Family Practice provider asks various questions about your health and lifestyle, including how often you exercise, if you drink alcohol, and if you’re experiencing any unusual symptoms like chest pain or shortness of breath. 

Step three - Complete physical

Following the questionnaire, your provider performs a physical exam. During the exam, they check your eyes, mouth, and ears, examine your skin, feel your lymph nodes, and gently press on your internal organs. Depending on your age and sex, they might also order preventive screenings, like a breast exam, a Pap smear, or a prostate exam.

Step four - Laboratory testing

Lastly, your Generations Family Provider orders laboratory testing, including blood work and urinalysis. These tests can pinpoint potentially serious issues that don’t present obvious symptoms, like high cholesterol, diabetes, and nutritional deficiencies.

Step five - Update immunizations

Before you leave, your provider also updates your immunizations. If necessary, they can even refill your prescription medication or prescribe something new. 

Who should invest in an annual physical exam?

It’s important for all adults to participate in an annual physical, even if they feel healthy. Routine checkups can alert you to underlying conditions and educate you on the importance of regular exercise, optimal nutrition, and stress management.

To learn more about the benefits of an annual physical exam, make an appointment at Generations Family Practice by calling the office or clicking the online scheduling feature today.