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Kids and Politics: Should You Discuss It With Them and How

Kids and Politics: Should You Discuss It With Them and How

Politics has a bad rap, and in some cases, for a good reason. The basic concept of discussing the best approach for governing and talking through our differences is terrific. Unfortunately, during election season, it’s easy to focus only on the winners and losers of each race. And when we’re talking about kids and politics, the lines can get even more blurry. Often those running for office don’t behave as well as we’d like or encourage our children to conduct themselves. While you may agree or disagree with people’s stances on issues, it’s critical to discuss with your children the importance of democracy and the process. Furthermore, election season is also when kids are hearing and seeing advertisements and social media updates about the candidates, some of which are true and some of which contain misleading messages.

Kids and Politics: Does it Matter?

Don’t think kids care? A survey found that “75 percent of kids and 79 percent of teens answered ‘yes’ when asked whether they thought that the outcome of an election would change their lives.”
But how do you talk to your kids about politics and elections? Here a few tips:

Check out these age-appropriate ways to discuss politics.

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