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Medication Safety: How to Lock Your Medications

Medication Safety: How to Lock Your Medications

One in four teens has abused prescription drugs. In 2017, nearly 52,000 children under the age of six were seen in the emergency room for medicine poisoning. Both are fantastic reasons to learn how to lock your medications up!
October 23 is National Lock Your Meds Day, a national campaign designed to bring attention to adults who are becoming unintended suppliers to teens — as well as the possibility of accidents by curious toddlers.
Your medication is designed for you, based on your symptoms, body weight, and other factors. While it may be your lifeline, that same medication can harm another person. According to the SAMHSA 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, in 53 percent of teen drug abuse cases, youth first obtained them not from a drug dealer, but friends or relatives.

What to know about storing medications safely

For Young Children:

For Older Children:

Have more questions? Many are answered here.
These small steps you can take at home can keep your children safe, whether they are curious toddlers or experimenting teens. Contact us if you have concerns about your medications.

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