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What Health Screenings and Checks Men Need and When

What Health Screenings and Checks Men Need and When

Studies show that to stay healthy means eating well and getting out and about to move around. Not only will these behaviors help you live longer, but you’ll feel better over time, especially as you age. One thing that men should do regularly: visit your primary care doctor for annual checkups. We at Generations find that knowing what health screenings and checks men need and when can be a common question. While some studies seem to indicate men are less likely to turn to their doctor for care, others show that for some symptoms, men are equally ready to ask for health care. We hope all our patients, male and female, come see us each year for a checkup.

Health Screenings and Checks Men Need

If you’re wondering what types of care should be part of your checkups, here is a list:

Do I Need Different Screenings As I Get Older?

As you age, your doctor will likely add health screenings and checks men need, including:

Men often report feeling silly asking about their health, but there are no stupid questions. Check out this list of common questions and answers about men’s health.
At Generations Family Practice, Dr Chad Cox and Dr. Robert Paterson both focus on men’s health. Contact them today for your next appointment.

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